Adam Kondorosi Prize

Academia Europaea and the European Nitrogen Fixation Conference are proud to announce a call for nominations for the Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Prizes in memory of Adam Kondorosi´s many outstanding scientific contributions and lifelong dedication to science.

The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Prize for Early-Career Investigators” recognizes a young scholar for an outstanding scientific contribution and was presented at the biannual European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, for the first time at the 12th conference in Budapest 2016.

The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Prize for Advanced Research” recognizes landmark research in symbiosis and related fields that has changed our understanding and made a significant scientific impact. It was presented at the Academia Europaea and the ALLEA (federation of the national academies in 38 European countries) joint conferences for the first time in 2017.

The prizes consist of an Academia Europaea diploma/medal and a donation.

Nominations for “The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Prize for Early-Career Investigators”

Eligibility for the prizes includes current researchers who study plant-microbe symbiosis, nitrogen fixation, and allied fields. Scholars with fewer than 10 years as an independent principal investigator or a PhD obtained within the last 15 years are eligible for the Early-Career Investigator prize. Nominees from the world’s community of scientists and any country can be considered for the prizes.
Any member of the scientific community can make nominations. Nominations should include a brief, maximum 2 page, description of the candidate’s contributions, a CV, and a publication list highlighting major contributions, and should be signed by at least two members of the scientific community.

Submit your nominations until April 30, 2018, as a single PDF to Jens Stougaard, the chairman of the prize committee by e-mail

 Members of the Prize Committee:

  • Jens Stougaard, ENFC president (chairman)
  • Eva Kondorosi, ENFC board
  • Sharon Long, Stanford University
  • Graham O´Hara, Murdoch University
  • Klaus Palme, Academia Europaea
  • Mart Saarma, Academia Europaea
  • Luis M. Rubio, ENFC board


Previous winners of the prize:

2016 Prize for Early-Career Investigators
Prof. Simona Radutiou, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark

2017 Prize for Advanced Research
Prof. em. Allan Downie, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich NR4 7UH, UK